Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion


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The game features a number of characters from the Final Fantasy VII franchise such as Cloud, Sephiroth, Aerith and others. Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion has been completely remastered.

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion


Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion is a remaster of the original Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, featuring a complete HD graphics overhaul, a remastered soundtrack, a reimagined UI, and an updated combat system. The story begins seven years before the events of Final Fantasy VII (1997) and follows Zack Fair, a young and ambitious Shinra Soldier operative. Zack is tasked with tracking down a missing Soldier 1st Class operative named Genesis Rhapsodos. But as his adventure unfolds, he discovers the dark secrets of Shinra’s experiments and the monsters they create.

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