1-2-Switch (Nintendo Switch)


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  • Face each other and 1-2-switch; look at your opponent, not the screen
  • Detach the Joy-Con from the console, hand one to your opponent and bam, it’s game time
  • Anyone can play 1-2-switch, just lock eyes with your opponent and get ready to discover the many functions of the Joy-Con, including HD rumble and enhanced motion sensors

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1-2-Switch (Nintendo Switch)


This is the Nintendo video game in which players compete in fun activities while staring into each other’s eyes instead of at the TV screen. From wild west gun slinging to copying each other’s dance moves, the games in 1-2-Switch make creative use of a broad variety of Nintendo Switch features to liven up parties with anyone, anywhere, at any time. 1-2-Switch will be available alongside the Nintendo Switch system.

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